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Volatile Collection Traps (VCT’s), are passive chemical filters designed for the collection of trace (extremely low-level, typ. ppm-ppb) volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from sampled air or gas sources (ambient air, container/chamber air, head-space volatiles, chemical odors/fumes, etc…).  The sampled gas is either pulled or pushed through the filter at a constant flow-rate (typ. 0.1 to 2 L/min) and any VOCs in the gas stream are chem-absorbed onto the filter media.  After the collection, the VCT contents are removed and analyzed by one of many laboratory analytical methods, typically using gas chromatography (GC) or GC Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS).  The collected VOC’s are removed from the VCT filter by either eluding them from the absorbent media by some type of extraction using a strong organic solvent or gas which has a higher affinity for the absorbent media than the collected compounds (thereby displacing the VOC’s), or by driving off the compounds by re-volatilizing them using heat (thermal desortion).

ALL FILTERS ARE 1/4″ (6.4mm) OD
Part Number:              Description:
VCT – 1/4 – 3 – HSQ-P=3″ Long HayeSep-Q™, for Solvent Extraction
VCT – 1/4 – 4 – HSQ-P=4″ Long HayeSep-Q™, for Solvent Extraction
VCT – 1/4 – 3 – POR-Q=Porapak-Q™,for Solvent Extraction
VCT – 1/4 – 4 – POR-Q=Porapak-Q™, for Solvent Extraction
BLK=Blank (empty) glass VCT body, supplied with glass wool plug (you pack)
(Note: custom lengths are available – contact us for more information)

Most common in-stock filters:

        VCT-1/4-3-POR-Q  or VCT-1/4-3-HSP-Q

VCTs consist of a single borosilicate glass tube, with one drawn end which is saw cut at an angle to serve as a drip tip collection point when using minimal liquid volume for extraction.  Just behind the tip is a 325 mesh Stainless Steel 316 screen permanently sealed to the glass body.  The tube is packed with ca. 20 mg Alltech HayeSep-Q™ PoraPak-Q™ chemical absorbent or other chromatography packing material, held in place with a borosilicate glass wool plug, and followed by a PTFE TEFLON™ compression seal.

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